AGY Announces Best-in-Class Performance S-1 HM™ Rovings For Wind Turbine Blade Applications

September 15th, 2010 by

AIKEN, SC, USA – (September 15, 2010) – AGY, a leading global producer of glass
fiber yarns and high-strength glass fiber reinforcements, announces the introduction of S-1
HM™ high performance rovings for use in wind turbine blade applications. S-1 HM fibers
were designed to offer best-in-class value performance in the highly competitive wind energy
composite reinforcement market.

Using a proprietary new glass formulation, S-1 HM rovings are the highest tensile
modulus glass fibers available worldwide, at 90 GPa, as measured by ASTM D2343. Typical
E-Glass products offer tensile modulus of 70-75 GPa, while competitive higher performance
glass fibers offer tensile modulus of 80-85 GPa. “Feedback from various wind turbine OEMs
suggests the current need for high performance reinforcements is the highest possible tensile
modulus while maintaining a balance with cost, “said Drew Walker, AGY Vice President of
Sales and Marketing. “The key to S-1 HM rovings is the fact that it can be produced at high
volumes in a very cost effective manner, maximizing the value/performance offered to blade
designers and manufacturers.”

Data generated in unidirectional laminates (ASTM D3039, D3410) have shown that in
the same resin system, S-1 HM rovings can have significant benefits over traditional E-Glass –
an 85% increase in tensile strength, an increase in tensile modulus in excess of 20%, a 50%
increase in compressive strength, and a 20% increase in compressive modulus. It is also
expected that S-1 HM rovings will demonstrate a 10x improvement in fatigue vs. E-Glass
which will improve reliability and lower the total cost of ownership for blades. When
compared to competitive higher performance glass reinforcements, S-1 HM rovings show a
30% increase in tensile strength, a 10% increase in tensile modulus, a 12% increase in
compressive strength, and a 10% increase in compressive modulus.

“The ability to add length to a wind turbine blade allows the turbine to operate at
100% efficiency over a larger range of wind speeds. This, in turn, can reduce the cost of the
electricity generated,” explained Walker. “The ability to reduce weight of a blade can also
have benefits in terms of reducing costs in other areas of the complete wind turbine structure.
AGY’s S-1 HM rovings not only meet the current demand for performance/value balance, but
also set the standard for high performance glass fiber products for use in new designs for
longer and lighter blades.”

S-1 HM rovings are available in a range of yields for both epoxy and polyester resin
systems. The direct roving product form is tailored for standard conversion to unidirectional
fabrics and prepregs and multiaxial fabrics.