AGY Announces Expanded Portfolio of High Performance Glass Fibers

March 11th, 2015 by

AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA – (March 11, 2015) – AGY Holding Corp., a leading global producer of glass fiber yarns and high-strength glass fiber reinforcement materials, has announced the expansion of its product portfolio with the acquisition of Owens Corning’s range of S-glass products and the scale up of S-1 HM™ glass fiber production in conjunction with China Taishan Glass (CTG).

“Our range of high performance products has increased with the introduction of a number of new products we have developed and brought to the market such as S-3 HDI™ glass fiber fine yarns, S-3 UHM™ glass fiber yarns, and with our recent acquisition of the S-glass range of products, we feel AGY has a great portfolio of materials to meet the needs of a number of key markets,” commented Patrick Burns, President & CEO.  “AGY has been working diligently to ensure the smooth handover of    S-glass for Owens Corning’s customers.  AGY is now also sampling a number of customers with S-1 HM glass material produced in the CTG’s new furnace facility constructed in Taian, China.”

The portfolio of high strength products, which is unrivalled in the marketplace, includes S-2 Glass®, S-1 glass,   S-1 HM™ glass, S-3 HPB™ glass yarns, S-3 HDI™ glass fine yarns, S-3 UHM™ glass, S-glass, L-Glass™ yarns, Zentron® rovings, VeTron® rovings, and E-glass fine yarns.  “The expanded portfolio will come at a time when AGY is moving into new markets and seeing growth in a number of existing market areas.  This ability to offer a number of solutions to the customer base will be a great help,” commented Iain Montgomery, Director of New Business Development.  “AGY has demonstrated great success with our ability to take information about the needs of our customers and translate it into the right material solutions.  With this expanded portfolio, AGY will continue offering the right high performance material into a number of key markets.”

Offering a range of AGY produced glass fiber formats, from ultra-fine yarns to single-ended rovings and chopped fibers, and with sizing systems designed to meet the customers’ needs, an array of solutions is available to meet key market demands.

For more information on AGY’s range of glass fibers, please call (888) 434-0945 (Toll Free US) or +33 4727 81775 (France).