AGY Fibers Chosen for Inclusion in Polimotor 2 Composite Car Engine

March 10th, 2016 by

AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA – (March 8, 2016) – AGY Holding Corp. is proud to announce that its range of high performance fibers will be included as part of the development of the all composite Polimotor 2 engine currently under development with Matti Holtzberg of Composite Castings, LLC.

The project is designed to further prove the capabilities of composites in the engine applications that traditionally use metal components.  The block of the engine, which will be on display at AGY’s stand at the JEC Show in March, will use AGY fibers to maximize the mechanical performance of the block while ensuring the lowest weight.   The final engine will reportedly weigh around 140 lbs. (approximately 64 kg.), which would be a 90 lb. (or 41 kg.) reduction in weight over a similar metal engine.  The developmental engine will be installed in a race car that will compete at the Petit Le Mans at the Road Atlanta course later this year, with other races added at a later date.

AGY’s experience in the production of high performance glass fibers, and their ability to create custom products, led to their inclusion of the fibers for this exciting program. AGY has experience in the development of glass fiber solutions and products to replace traditional metal components in a number of industries and programs including aerospace structures and medical implants.

“The Polimotor 2 project is seen as an ideal opportunity to, once again, show how AGY’s glass fibers can offer the best solution in thermoset and thermoplastic components which replace metallic components where weight is reduced while maintaining  mechanical and thermal performance is key to success,” said Iain Montgomery, Director of New Business Development at AGY. “Through this developmental partnership, we will work with Polimotor’s creator Matti Holtzberg, and with the suppliers of its parts to prove this concept.  This program will provide a path for auto makers to reduce the weight of their engines, thereby decreasing their fuel consumption and CO2 emissions which is one global challenge in the automotive market.”

The Polimotor 2 engine will be a four-cylinder layout with a double overhead camshaft design.  AGY’s glass fibers will be included in the composite block casting and will be considered for other parts on this motor which are being designed in a range of thermoplastics.  The initial design of the engine was developed in the mid 1980’s by Matti Holtzberg; however Polimotor 2 will use the latest technologies available in composite casting in order to create a second generation product, building upon the initial successful development of the original Polimotor engine block.

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