AGY Presents Technical Paper on S-2 Glass® Armor Systems

March 30th, 2004 by

Aiken, South Carolina, March 30, 2004 – AGY today announced the presentation of a paper
at the annual European SAMPE technical conference about the use of S-2 Glass products in
composite armor applications. The conference is being held this year in conjunction with
JEC 2004 in Paris, March 30-April 1.

Titled The Synergystic Roles of High Strength Glass Composite and Alumina Ceramic Facing
in Lightweight Composite Armor Against Armor Piercing Projectiles, the paper covers the
mechanisms and roles of both the S-2 Glass composite and the alumina tiles of a ceramicfaced
composite armor system in defeating an armor-piercing round. A predictive model for
the ballistic protection behavior of a ceramic-faced fiberglass composite armor system will be
presented and validated with experimental data.

The authors of the paper are David Fecko, P. Douglas Lyle, and Dennis Murray. All three are
members of the technical staff at AGY.
“Composite materials display an exceptional energy absorption capacity when compared on
the basis of weight with monolithic systems,” says Fecko. “However, the penetrating
capabilities of modern armor-piercing projectiles are known to overwhelm fabric-based
composite armor, necessitating the addition of a hard material to face the armor.”

“The resulting system can be viewed as macro-composite in which each component of the
system has a role in defeating the threat,” continues Fecko. “Our paper and presentation will
discuss the mechanisms for defeating an armor piercing projectile threat using ceramic-faced
fiberglass composite armor.”