AGY Promotes S-2 Glass® Portfolio for Oil and Gas Applications

March 11th, 2014 by

AIKEN, SC USA – (March 11, 2014) – AGY, a leading global producer of high-strength glass fiber reinforcements, is highlighting its S-2 Glass® portfolio of products as the next generation of composite reinforcement for the oil and gas industry. This high-performance reinforcement offers the physical and chemical characteristics needed to drive composite down-hole tooling into more aggressive well environments, new applications, and longer life cycle product lines.

As well depths increase, so do down-hole temperatures and pressures, thus creating a progressively more hostile environment for the materials involved. Composites produced using S-2 Glass as reinforcement can be more than 40% stronger than those made with traditional E-Glass fiber, and can provide up to 200°C (392°F) additional thermal resistance without compromising the drillability of the final part. The resulting improved mechanical properties allow the use of composite frac plugs and other tooling in well sites that previously have been restricted to metal tools only. In addition, plug and tool use life in all well types can be increased significantly within all types of wells. S-2 Glass also provides salt-water corrosion resistance – a known failure issue with composites made from E-Glass reinforcements.

Any composite is only as good as the linkage that holds its parts together. AGY has developed a portfolio of sizing systems for both thermoset and high-temperature thermoplastic polymers to ensure that S-2 Glass can meet customer requirements in as wide a range of resin systems as possible. “Tailoring the linkage between the glass surface and the polymer matrix to achieve optimum chemical bonding can be the difference between the system, and thus the part, holding or breaking,” said Drew Walker, CEO of AGY. “Some fiber manufacturers try to take an easier route by having a one-size system that is ‘okay’ for several polymer systems. However, whatever is ‘okay’ for many things is rarely ‘excellent’ for anything In today’s demanding oil and gas industry only ‘excellent’ will do,” continued Walker.