AGY’s S-1 GlassTM Rovings Approved for Wind Turbine Blade Applications

September 3rd, 2009 by

AIKEN, SC, USA – (September 3, 2009) – AGY, a leading global producer of glass
fiber yarns and high-strength glass fiber reinforcements, announces the approval of its new
S-1 Glass™ high performance glass rovings for use in wind turbine blade applications by
Germanischer Lloyd, the leading international certification body in the wind-energy sector.
The S-1 Glass fibers allow new levels of mechanical properties to be developed in the high
strength areas within a wind turbine blade structure.

AGY developed S-1 Glass in response to the need for higher performance glass fiber
at a lower cost. “S-1 Glass bridges the cost and performance gap between E-Glass and higher
performance glass such as our S-2 Glass® fibers and is, therefore, the ideal product for use in
spar caps for wind turbine blades,” said Drew Walker, AGY Vice President of Sales and
Marketing. “Its excellent balance of performance and cost is enabling manufacturers to
optimize the design of wind blades and generate lower weight solutions, or add length to a
blade with no additional weight.”

When used in blade design, studies have shown that in the same resin system, S-1
Glass can have significant benefits over traditional E-Glass – a 45% increase in tensile
strength, and an increase in tensile modulus in excess of 25%. “The ability to add length to a
wind turbine blade allows the turbine to operate at 100% efficiency over a larger range of
wind speeds. This, in turn, can reduce the cost of the electricity generated,” explained
Walker. “The ability to reduce weight of a blade can also have benefits in terms of reducing
costs in other areas of the complete wind turbine structure.”

S-1 Glass rovings have been tested in a range of epoxy systems found in today’s wind
turbine blades and AGY is working with resin companies to ensure that S-1 Glass rovings will
work in new resins systems as they come to the market.