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S-1 HM™ Glass Fibers Used in Core of Composite Reinforced Aluminum Conductor Helps Increase Transmission Capacity by Up to 100%

AIKEN, SC USA – (March 27, 2012) – When AmpStar, a leader in composite reinforced aluminum conductors for high voltage transmission lines, wanted to produce a high-heat, low-sag alternative to conventional transmission cables, it chose S-1 HM™ glass fibers from AGY for the high-strength composite core of its new composite reinforced aluminum conductor (CRAC*). The innovative design is a cost-effective solution for improving transmission capacity, lowering line losses, limiting sag, and reducing the need for more transmission line infrastructure. According to Mike Winterhalter, President at AmpStar, “The high strength composite core allows for higher aluminum compaction and the use of higher conductive annealed aluminum, which increases ampacity by up to […]

S-1 HM™ High-Performance Glass Rovings to be Manufactured Under License in China and Targeted Towards the Wind Energy Market

AIKEN, SC USA – (March 27, 2012) – AGY has announced the signing of a long-term agreement with CTG/Taishan Fiberglass of Shandong Province, China to manufacture AGY’s new S-1 HM™ high-performance glass rovings for wind energy turbine applications. Manufactured under license from AGY, the rovings will be sold globally by both companies. AGY will focus on the wind energy markets in the US and Europe, and CTG/Taishan Fiberglass will sell to the wind energy markets in the Asia Pacific and African regions. AGY chose to partner with CTG/Taishan Fiberglass after a review of several potential suppliers. According to AGY President, Drew Walker, “We selected CTG/Taishan Fiberglass because of their experience […]

AGY Introduces S-3 HDI™ Glass Fiber for High Performance Printed Circuit Boards

AIKEN, SC, USA – (March 29, 2011) – AGY, a leading global producer of glass fiber yarns and high-strength glass fiber reinforcements, has introduced S-3 HDI™ glass fiber for high performance printed circuit boards (PCBs). Designed to meet the demanding technical requirements of high-density interconnect (HDI) technology in PCBs – especially integrated circuit (IC) package substrates – S-3 HDI fibers enable the production of PCB laminates that have a significant reduction in the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) and increased dimensional stability. “As miniaturization of electronic devices continues, and functionality of those devices increase, the need for higher performing substrates has emerged,” explained Drew Walker, Vice President Marketing and Sales […]

AGY S-2 Glass® Fibers Help Provide Maximum Structural and Ballistic Protection in Revolutionary New Military Vehicle

AIKEN, SC, USA – (March 29, 2011) – AGY’s S-2 Glass® fibers have been chosen as a key base material for providing both structural and ballistic protection in the new Ocelot Light Protected Patrol Vehicle (LPPV) developed by Force Protection Europe Ltd. (FPE). Designed to meet the UK Ministry of Defence’s (MoD’s) LPPV program requirements, the Ocelot provides unprecedented levels of blast protection for a vehicle its size. Developer FPE has been contracted by the UK MoD for the production of the Ocelot and has received an initial order for 200 vehicles to begin delivery in 2011 for deployment in the most hostile of operational environments. According to Drew Walker, […]

S-2 Glass® Reinforcement Continues Growth as New Armor Applications Emerge

AIKEN, SC, USA – (November 3, 2010) – New applications for composite armor systems in vehicles are continuing to drive the growth of S-2 Glass® reinforcements from AGY. S-2 Glass fibers are a significant component of the new Advanced Composites Demonstrator vehicle from NP Aerospace Ltd. and show how the design of a protection system can be incorporated into the structural design, reducing the overall weight of both the protection and structural elements. NP Aerospace Ltd. is a long-time manufacturer of body armor and security vehicles and has significant experience in the design and implementation of composite armor systems. NP Aerospace and AGY have a long history of development of […]

AGY Announces Best-in-Class Performance S-1 HM™ Rovings For Wind Turbine Blade Applications

AIKEN, SC, USA – (September 15, 2010) – AGY, a leading global producer of glass fiber yarns and high-strength glass fiber reinforcements, announces the introduction of S-1 HM™ high performance rovings for use in wind turbine blade applications. S-1 HM fibers were designed to offer best-in-class value performance in the highly competitive wind energy composite reinforcement market. Using a proprietary new glass formulation, S-1 HM rovings are the highest tensile modulus glass fibers available worldwide, at 90 GPa, as measured by ASTM D2343. Typical E-Glass products offer tensile modulus of 70-75 GPa, while competitive higher performance glass fibers offer tensile modulus of 80-85 GPa. “Feedback from various wind turbine OEMs […]

AGY’s Beta ™Yarn Provides Strength and Flexibility for Structural Membrane Canopy Over Entryway to Shanghai World Expo Center

AIKEN, SC, USA – (July 7, 2010) – The World Expo Center, which opened in Shanghai, China in May of 2010, showcases buildings that are adventurous experiments in form and material. Many of expected 70 million attendees will pass through the entrance pavilion whose futuristic design includes a large structural membrane canopy made with Beta™ yarn from AGY, a leading global producer of fiber glass yarns and high-strength fiber glass reinforcements. The Beta yarn consists of very fine glass filaments (4 micron) that are twisted and plied into yarn bundles. “They provide the flexibility and strength properties that are critical for large scale architectural applications, such as the Shanghai canopy,” […]

AGY Enters European Construction and Industrial Markets with E-Glass High Tensile Glass Fiber Yarn Produced from Its China Manufacturing Facility

AIKEN, SC, USA – (April 13, 2010) – AGY, a leading global producer of glass fiber yarns and high-strength glass fiber reinforcements, recently announced that it has entered the highly competitive European market with E-Glass fiber yarn manufactured in its Shanghai, China plant. Produced specifically for the European construction and industrial markets, AGY’s E-Glass yarn offers unique and outstanding properties, which provide design opportunities for the improvement of existing products and the development of new products. Up until now, AGY has not participated in the high tensile glass fiber yarn market in Europe due primarily to the high duties associated with servicing these markets from the United States. The recent […]

AGY Introduces Ultra-Fine Yarns for PCB Substrates

AIKEN, SC, USA – (April 13, 2010) – AGY, a leading global producer of glass fiber yarns and high-strength glass fiber reinforcements, recently announced the introduction of ultra-fine yarns for use in printed circuit board (PCB) substrates. Designed to meet the growing needs of the electronics market where miniaturization and increased functionality are expanding exponentially, these ultra-fine yarns allow PCB suppliers to create thinner laminates for higher layer counts and greater circuit density. “As electronic devices become smaller and include more functions, the complexity of PCB design continues to expand,” explained Scott Northrup, Director of New Business Development at AGY. “This means adding more conducting layers in the same thickness […]

AGY’s S-1 GlassTM Rovings Approved for Wind Turbine Blade Applications

AIKEN, SC, USA – (September 3, 2009) – AGY, a leading global producer of glass fiber yarns and high-strength glass fiber reinforcements, announces the approval of its new S-1 Glass™ high performance glass rovings for use in wind turbine blade applications by Germanischer Lloyd, the leading international certification body in the wind-energy sector. The S-1 Glass fibers allow new levels of mechanical properties to be developed in the high strength areas within a wind turbine blade structure. AGY developed S-1 Glass in response to the need for higher performance glass fiber at a lower cost. “S-1 Glass bridges the cost and performance gap between E-Glass and higher performance glass such […]