Glass fiber yarns are a critical part of the supply chain for the electronics market. From smartphones to tablet PCs, from automobiles to satellites, from games and toys to industrial equipment, we take for granted the use printed circuit boards. Fiberglass yarns are the backbone of printed circuit boards, providing structural integrity and electrical and heat resistance that are critical for the performance of the printed circuit board. At the end of the chain is an electronic product that meets the customers’ needs – at the start of that chain are fiberglass yarns.

AGY specializes in very fine E-glass yarns used in high performance hand-held devices. AGY has recently introduced L-Glass® yarns in response to the rapid development of high-speed digital electronic systems, and the resulting need for low loss dielectric materials, and S-3 HDI® yarns to meet the need for low coefficient of thermal expansion and high modulus materials for IC package substrates.