Fiberglass is a key component used in the recreational and consumer market when strength, reduced weight, flexibility, dimensional stability and corrosion resistance are needed. Fiberglass is also used for high performance polymer composites as well as ceramic and metal matrix composites. Use of AGY E Glass and S-2 Glass yarns in the recreation / consumer market include the following applications: Stove element insulation, surf and Snowboards, snow and water skis, boats and other marine applications, hockey sticks and baseball bats. The unique properties offered by AGY’s fiberglass products is a key element to meeting the requirements in these applications where the ability of these products to be tailored to meet the demands in these diverse markets is a key to success of many of AGY’s customers.


  • Technical High Strength Glass Fibers 2021
  • S-Series High Perf Matls for Composite Appls