AGY has a number of solutions for thermoplastic composite solutions, from chopped fibers for compounders, rovings for unidirectional tapes and yarns for woven fabric solutions. AGY has used its extensive market knowledge to develop a range of sizes for a range of thermoplastic resins. The sizes have been developed for not only a specific resin but also the specific processing needs for thermoplastic materials. S-2 Glass chopped fibers have been shown to increase the performance of thermoplastic compounds, with exceptional results in impact and tensile performance. Thermoplastic tapes from S-2 Glass rovings have been produced in a number of resins and these have been used in a number of end uses.


  • Technical High Strength Glass Fibers 2021
  • S-Series High Perf Matls for Composite Appls
  • S-2 Chopped – Thermoplastics