Our Performance

AGY uses operating metrics throughout the glass making process to gauge performance for any period of time.  We continuously monitor a multitude of variables to ensure we are making the best glass possible for our customers.  Some of our metrics include:

  • Efficiencies in our forming and fabrication areasPerformance Graph
  • Number of breaks in our glass product per hour
  • The restart times for forming positions which have broken out or are in need of repair
  • Number of bushings running of any given product
  • The length of time those bushings operate
  • How much of a product we are producing
  • Number of full bobbins created vs. partial packages
  • The percent of returns vs. sales


These are just a few of the metrics that AGY measures on a daily basis to ensure a smooth operation from start to finish.  Our goal is to always strive to improve our process and our products to our customers.  Therefore, the goals set for these measures and others continue to be more and more stringent each year. And AGY has delivered!  We are making better glass, more efficiently, than ever before.