S-2 Glass Rovings for SMC Process

April 29th, 2019 by

AIKEN, SC USA – (March 11, 2019) – AGY, the leading global producer of high-strength glass fiber yarns and glass fiber reinforcements, has announced the production of a line of new S-2 Glass® rovings designed to reinforce high-performance sheet molding compounds (SMC). These new rovings are designed for specific resin compatibility, as well as the unique process requirements of commercial SMC production. This customization will permit production of compounds that provide full translation of properties of the high-strength S-2 Glass® reinforcements to the finished SMC laminate.

Initially, the new SMC rovings will be available with fiber sizings compatible with vinyl ester, unsaturated polyester, and epoxy resin systems. Additional roving types will be specifically designed to reinforce maximum strength formulations, while others will be designed for specialty low density and Class A compounds.

“These new S-2 Glass® SMC rovings enable production of higher-strength laminates with significantly improved impact properties, and can be utilized in two ways:” said Tim Collins, New Business Development Manager for AGY, “as a replacement fiber at the same weight to increase strength and impact resistance of a part, or as a weight-reduction method by reducing fiber loading to get the same performance.” Because processing is comparable to standard E-glass systems, S-2 Glass SMC rovings can also be used in combination with E-glass for customized performance in finished laminates.

“The higher mechanical performance of S-2 Glass SMC systems provide capabilities comparable to carbon SMC compounds but with dramatically improved impact resistance. In addition, hybrids of S-2 Glass and carbon can be customized, providing the best of both fibers in one system,” said Collins. AGY is continuing to develop new products in this market space while commercializing the current products.

For more information on AGY’s new S-2 Glass®  based SMC rovings, please call +1 888 434-0945 or visit AGY’s website at www.agy.com.