Tech Guide

AGY Technical Guide
The AGY Technical Guide is a comprehensive list of all product forms currently commercially available from AGY. The Technical Guide is a single document that details all of our products, how they are commonly used, the resin systems they are compatible with, and how they are packaged. If you already know what type of material you’re looking for, this document will give you an all-inclusive list of the product forms available for that material.

Product Data Sheets
Our Product Data Sheets provide a general overview of our various product forms. In the Product Data Sheets you will find information pertaining to general applications, manufacturing process compatibility, resin compatibility, packaging, and features versus benefits, as well as the major mechanical properties.

Product Specification Sheets
Our Product Specification Sheets are dedicated to providing an in-depth technical analysis of our various product forms. In these documents you will find detailed technical information concerning physical and mechanical properties, packaging dimensions, and instructions for storage and handling.

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