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Many critical products used in the aerospace market use fiberglass where strength, dimensional stability, corrosion resistance, weight and cost performance are critical considerations. Both E Glass and S-2 Glass fibers offer unique reinforcement properties, including a balance of strength, fiber toughness, tensile and compressive modulus and impact resistance that are critical in these high-performance aerospace applications. AGY’s glass fiber reinforcements are designed to perform well across a wide variety of resin systems that are used in the aerospace market and AGY’s fibers have been designed to meet the widest range of material requirements not only in fiber form but also in fabric form. AGY has worked closely with airframe manufacturers and tier 1 suppliers to meet the requirements of today’s aircraft and is working closely on future designs.   Contact your local AGY sales office to discuss your requirements in this dynamic market place.


AGY has a number of solutions for thermoplastic composite solutions, from chopped fibers for compounders, rovings for unidirectional tapes and yarns for woven fabric solutions. AGY has used its extensive market knowledge to develop a range of sizes for a range of thermoplastic resins. The sizes have been developed for not only a specific resin but also the specific processing needs for thermoplastic materials. S-2 Glass chopped fibers have been shown to increase the performance of thermoplastic compounds, with exceptional results in impact and tensile performance. Thermoplastic tapes from S-2 Glass rovings have been produced in a number of resins and these have been used in a wide range of applications.

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Fiberglass is a key component used in the recreational and consumer market when strength, reduced weight, flexibility, dimensional stability and corrosion resistance are needed. Fiberglass is also used for high performance polymer composites as well as ceramic and metal matrix composites. Use of AGY’s E Glass and S-2 Glass yarns in the recreation / consumer market include the following applications: Stove element insulation, surf and snowboards, snow and water skis, boats and other marine applications, hockey sticks and baseball bats. The unique properties offered by AGY’s fiberglass products is a key element to meeting the requirements in these applications where the ability of these products to be tailored to meet the demands in these diverse markets is a key to success of many of AGY’s customers.


Glass fiber yarns are a critical part of the supply chain for the electronics market. From smartphones to tablet PCs, from automobiles to satellites, from games and toys to industrial equipment, we take for granted the use printed circuit boards. AGY’s range of yarns are the backbone of printed circuit boards, providing structural integrity, electrical and heat resistance that are critical for the performance of the printed circuit board. At the end of the chain is an electronic product that meets the customers’ needs – at the start of that chain are AGY’s glass fiber yarns.


AGY specializes in ultra-fine E-glass and L-Glass yarns used in high performance hand-held devices. AGY has recently introduced L-2 Glass yarns in response to the continued rapid development of high-speed digital electronic systems, and the resulting need for improvements in low loss dielectric materials. S-3 HDI Glass yarns are designed to meet the need for low coefficient of thermal expansion and high modulus materials for IC package substrates.

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S-2 Glass fibers offers outstanding ballistic protection and structural performance for hard composite armor applications due to the high inherent tensile and compressive strengths of the fiber and its composite applications. S-2 Glass fiber’s high ultimate elongation also has been shown to play an important role in the dynamic ballistic impact-absorbing mechanism. Structural performance, protection against fire, smoke and toxicity, reduced costs and weights for a given ballistic performance are key factors considered in the defense market. AGY’s S-2 Glass fibers have been used in hard armor solutions in many defense applications, from spall liners, applique armor to composite hulls used in vehicles and ships for armies and navies around the globe. S-2 Glass fiber solutions used in hard armor systems can meet the specifications for a large number of countries, contact your local AGY sales office to discuss your requirements

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Fiber glass yarns and rovings are a key product in many different industrial applications and AGY has been a key supplier to many of these applications. AGY’s glass fibers are preferred solutions in these applications because of their available combination of high strength, heat and electrical resistance, flexibility, and durability. AGY’s yarns and rovings are important components in industries such as packaging, insulation, filtration and safety products where a number of the characteristics of fiber glass products are utilized. The adaptability of AGY’s yarns and rovings to meet a wide variety of processing and application requirements make these products highly valued in the market. New application development in this diverse market often has AGY’s yarns and rovings used in unique applications where the performance of AGY’s products meets or exceeds the requirements.